The Power of Training in the Workplace

The Power of Training in the Workplace

At SaveFast we believe that a successful business is built on the shoulders of a well trained and motivated workforce. Training that is fun, engaging, innovative and correctly targeted gives learners’ new confidence, knowledge capabilities and practical skills that add value to their company, while enhancing their own perception of the role that they play in the company and increasing their overall employability

Sadly, training budgets are often one of the first things to be cut when money is tight, so it is incumbent on us as training providers to innovate and to really create value for our customers, persuading them that a well-trained workforce is an essential part of business success even if finances are stretched. COVID has seen an explosion in cheap online and distance learning, but the danger is that this can be isolating and, in some cases, dull and of little value other than as a box-ticking exercise.

SaveFast’s Vision is to empower our learners and to improve lives through learning and so we are always on the lookout for new ways to deliver traditional messages to our audience.

We were delighted to be approached by the team from Serco, who were very interested in showcasing our Virtual Reality HSE Training products supplied in by our Italian partners VRST at events run as part of their “Zero Harm” campaign. Serco have an enviable reputation as champions of workplace safety, and we were thrilled to be asked to take part in these events. Ronnel Augustin our Senior VR trainer and Harold Africano our Group Head of Digital Services attended the first event at their training rooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where Fire Safety, First Aid, AED and Hazard Recognition were amongst the training sessions enjoyed by a very enthusiastic Serco Team

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It is always gratifying to hear that training has gone well and the feedback from the session was very positive, thanks to the efforts of the team and the enthusiasm of the participants, but it was the message we received the following day from Serco’s Engagement Lead, @ Dubai Airports Guest Experience, that reminded us of why we go to work every morning with a spring in our step and a smile on our faces. We were informed that “Our Team Leader would like to extend his thanks to you as he saved a life today! He was able to apply the training you conducted yesterday in today’s real-life scenario”

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For us as a training company, there is no greater success than when we enable one of our learners to ensure that a colleague, a customer or a complete stranger goes home safely to their loved ones at the end of the day.

“Absolutely thrilled to be working with Save Fast. Great team who are absolutely driving Technology in HSE forward” by Fiona Liddell – Head of HSE, Risks and Ethics @ Serco.

A well trained and motivated team is the true backbone of any organization, so if you are an HR Lead, an HSE Manager or a Company Strategist, we hope that you think about successes like this when you are allocating your next training budget. Quality training in the workplace is always money well spent.

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