The only scientifically validated psychometric assessment platform designed specifically for drivers


The only scientifically validated Psychometric Assessment platform designed specifically for drivers

We improve the driver behaviour at work using evidence-based fleet driver risk assessments and solutions for national and global organisations.


What is Drivermetrics®

Our scientifically validated Psychometric Assessment accurately identifies an individual driver’s behavioral risk and auto-assigns e-learning modules designed to change high-risk behavior. Clients can also select from a range of other interventions including, Personal Coaching and river Workshops – all delivered online. Alternatively, we can train your trainers to deliver coaching based on Psychometric Testing Reports.


Identify Risk

Identify risk using the on-line Psychometric Test and focus on the specific contributing behavioural and situational factors using a scientifically validated Assessment Report.



Manage, monitor and report on your driver safety programme with our Management Information System.

Take Action

Improve safety with a range of interventions tailored to the Psychometric Testing Report, or upskill your own trainers to deliver driver coaching.


How It Works?

1. Identify the Risk

Choose a Psychometric Test for fleet, truck, bus, emergency services, or for recruitment and selection.

  • Evidence-based assessment
  • Proven to reduce crash risk
  • Country-level benchmarking and translations can be provided
  • Auto assigned e-learning
  • Select from a range of coaching interventions

2. Review the Data

Use the DriverMetrics® Management Information System to monitor and report on your driver safety program.

  • Access key metrics
  • Maintain an audit trail
  • Compare risk scores
  • Perform detailed analysis

3. Take Action

Implement scenarios based on eLearning or Online Personal Coaching, Driver Workshops, or train your own staff to deliver driver coaching.

  • eLearning
  • Online Personal Coaching
  • Online Insight into Action™ Workshops
  • Online DriverMetrics® Coaching Programme

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A safety and security initiative inspired by Vision 2030 with the support of Tatweer and SaveFast.


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