SaveFast KSA 2022 Roundup

SaveFast KSA 2022 Roundup
2022 Roundup
New Branch in KSA

Savefast KSA officially launches in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

افتتاح سيف فاست في الرياض المملكة العربية السعودية

SaveFast is very proud to have opened its flagship Training Academy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our Riyadh Academy is one of the largest training venues in the region and offers a wide range of courses from basic programs such as Fire Safety and First Aid, through Advanced Medical Training to Food Safety and Soft Skills. This purpose-built facility is also the home of our state-of-the-art F&B training space under the Hospitality Academy GCC brand name.

In celebration of the Saudi opening, SaveFast is having a promotion of up to 30% valid until the end of February.   

Hospitality Institute GCC

A pioneering program aimed at Saudi Nationals as part of a Ministry of Tourism initiative

Hospitality Institute x Ministry of Tourism

During the second half of 2022, SaveFast has signed a number of partnerships with key players in the Hospitality Sector, aimed at expanding our course offerings or facilitating the training of their staff in key areas, with a particular emphasis on empowering Saudi Nationals to enter and be retained within the industry. We have partnered with a number of major players in the KSA Hospitality Sector to deliver both F&B and HSE induction training to their staff and with an exclusive Swiss finishing school to deliver etiquette and protocol training courses for the industry’s most senior managers. These programs are all designed to raise standards within the industry, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030

In a proud moment, SaveFast was selected by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism as a training provider for their Tourism Pioneers Program. This ground-breaking Program is part of the government’s drive to achieve its Vision 2030 aims by empowering and upskilling Saudi Nationals. During the last quarter of 2022, SaveFast trained thousands of aspiring Saudis in Hospitality and F&B in collaboration with Foodics and other industry partners and has gained funding from HRDF through securing guaranteed employment for graduates of its programs.

Foodics logo

Foodics and SaveFast partner to launch first of its kind in-restaurant simulation training centre

Foodics and SaveFast partnership

December saw the beginning a new chapter empowering F&B entrepreneurs and businesses, SaveFast, through Hospitality Academy GCC, has partnered with Foodics, providers of end-to-end restaurant POS solutions to open a state-of-the-art F&B Academy at our Riyadh training center. Together, by signing this agreement, we have made great strides towards fulfilling our objective of empowering local F&B entrepreneurs and businesses on their paths to success. Our Restaurant Simulation Centre is enabling Saudi Nationals, Foodics and SaveFast customers to develop the hands-on skills and competencies required to upskill or to enter and be retained within the F&B industry.

New Technology Solutions

SaveFast x Serco

During 2022, SaveFast has developed a number of technology-based offerings to enhance the training experience for our learners. We are now offering both off-the-shelf and tailored virtual reality training solutions. SaveFast’s Vision is to empower our learners and improve their lives through learning and this was demonstrated through our partnership with multinational facilities management giant Serco to stage VR Safety Event. Our VR solutions cover a range of HSE courses from Fire Safety, to Working at Height, to First Aid. After undertaking virtual reality CPR training, one member of Serco staff was able to save the life of a colleague, demonstrating clearly, the power of effective training in the workplace.

We are BICSc exclusive partner for the provision of           face-to-face training in Saudi Arabia


SaveFast has become the exclusive face-to-face training partner of the British Institute for Cleaning Science (BICSc) and is working to bring about a Hygiene Revolution in Saudi Arabia. BICSc and SaveFast are working with government bodies in Saudi Arabia and commercial organizations across the region to rebrand the cleaning industry and in particular, to deliver tourist experience that meets international standards for hygiene management, driven by ‘home-grown talent’. In order to attract ambitious young Saudis to the industry, our partnership aims to change perceptions, and elevate standards, improving both education and awareness in the Housekeeping Sector of the Kingdom’s Tourism Industry. 

RoSPA Logo

SaveFast became the only Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Certification Centre in the Middle East

SaveFast & RoSPA Partnership

Our Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Alansari signed a momentous partnership with RoSPA President Baroness Jolly that will see our organizations collaborate to promote driver safety across the region. SaveFast and RoSPA have jointly developed a range of regionally specific internationally accredited courses ranging from online driver profilers to Defensive Driving to Train the Trainer. These courses are offered as part of our 360° driver safety package that covers the entire driver journey from selection and onboarding to ongoing monitoring and self-coaching.

Rafed Logo

Signing a strategic partnership with Rafed/Tatweer Educational Transportation to improve Driver Safety

SaveFast & Rafed Partnership

Partnering with RAFED/Tatweer Educational Transportation to improve the safety of school transportation for over a million children, by developing a 360° Road Risk Management Solution for the semi-governmental Saudi entity. RAFED has shown a clear commitment to the safety of its customers, operators and drivers.

Launching Soft Skills and Management Courses

Professional Certifications
Professional Certifications

SaveFast is continually expanding its product range, in order to offer our customers a one-stop-shop solution to their training needs. Our ethos is to work as a training partner rather than just another service provider, delivering tailored solutions that address the real pains of our customers. Our latest offering is a wide range of Soft Skills and Management Courses. We are working with technology provider People Cert, who deliver exams in more than 200 countries, in 25 languages, through state-of-the-art assessment technology, to enable professionals to reach their full potential through certifications and learning. We have also partnered with the KPI Institute; a leading global research institute specialized in business performance. Support in deploying these business insights in practice is offered globally through training services and an online portal containing the world’s largest collection of documented KPI examples.

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