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Hospitality Operations Training
Hospitality Operations & Service Excellence

Running a successful hospitality business involves many different functions and roles across the service industry. Each are interdependent and play a critical role in the overall guest experience. This Hospitality Operations & Service Excellence course aims to provide an overview of the history and evolution of the hotel industry, its various stakeholders and its key position within the tourism industry.

Excellent customer service creates satisfaction, leading to customer loyalty and eventually profitability. This course examines the essential components hospitality staff should be focused on when delivering great customer service from reception to farewell.

By looking at the different touchpoints of the customer experience, the student should complete the course with a deeper understanding of the value and challenges of delivering a customer-oriented attitude.

Learning Objectives


  • Name main fields and job opportunities within the hospitality industry.
  • List different types of restaurants and other F & B outlets.
  • Identify synergies between the different stakeholders in hospitality.
  • Define synergies between the F & B department and other departments of hotels and restaurants.
  • Examine interconnections and inter-responsibilities between the different stakeholders within hospitality businesses.
  • Differentiate restaurant guests based on their:
    – Characteristics
    – Needs
    – Expectations
  • List the different touchpoints within the customer experience in F&B operations.
  • Elaborate on the different steps of customer service from customers’ reception to farewell.
  • Identify challenges and risks linked to the customer experience in an F&B outlet.
  • Examine the causes and effects of customer satisfaction and


  • Describe the history and evolution of
  • Explain the classification system used for hotels and
  • Analyze the organigram of various restaurants and
  • Identify all the various elements of the hospitality & travel industry including all the sub-elements.
  • Satisfy customers’ needs in terms of F & B products and
  • Identify satisfaction and dissatisfaction cues when interacting with customers.
  • Implement actions in daily F&B operations to positively influence the customer
  • Practice service


  • Recognize the role of effective synergies between hotels and restaurants and other industries within the overall hospitality & travel spectrum.
  • Defend the importance of ethics and sustainability in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry.
  • Recognize the interdependence of various aspects of the Hospitality & Travel industry and how they play a critical role in the guest experience.
  • Portray a customer-oriented attitude in one’s own daily work, even under stressful circumstances.
  • Defend the importance of efficient customer service in F&B operations.
  • Explain the impact of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the context of hotel and restaurant operations.

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