OSHAcademy Student Training Verification

OSHAcademy Student Training Verification

Does your certificate have a “Validation Code”?

example: 123-45-789-a1b2c

  • If your certificate does not contain a validation code
    (training completed before February 1st, 2017), please
    verify your training here.

    Please include the following information:

    • Student name displayed on certificate
    • Student number
    • Title of training course or program
    • Certificate Issue Date
  • If your certificate does have a validation code
    (training completed after February 1st, 2017), please enter the
    code in the form below.


Please contact our office at [email protected] or call +1 (971) 217-8721

Student Survey

We need your help!

This survey is an opportunity for you to share
your experience, and have your voice heard.

We understand your busy. This survey should only take about
2 minutes to complete. The information that you share with us is always kept
confidential, and will only be used to help shape the future of OSHAcademy ATP Training.

We greatly appreciate your participation and value your input.

Click here to begin the survey.

Thanks so much!

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